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The Youth Technical School Exchange Committee summarizes the activity situation of each year and reports it as “Activity Yearbook”. On this page, we publish the activity yearbook for 2007 and beyond.
Activity yearbook of 2016 vol.12
Activity yearbook of 2015 vol.11
Activity yearbook of 2014 vol. 10
Activity year 2013 fiscal year vol.9
FY 2012 Activity Yearbook vol.8
Activity yearbook of 2011 fiscal year vol.7
Activity yearbook of fiscal 2010 vol.6
Activity yearbook of fiscal 2009 vol.5
Activity yearbook of 2008 vol.4
Activity yearbook of 2007 vol.3

Year Anniversary Exchange Committee 50th Anniversary Journal · 50th Anniversary Convention

Succession of technology and alarm bell to the future – Learning from the past and telling the future generations – Published February 1, 2009

In fiscal 2008, we celebrated the 50th anniversary of the establishment of the Young Technical Scholars Committee, the predecessor of the Youth Technical School Exchange Committee. To reflect on past activities of young technicians and to head towards a new era, we held the 50th anniversary commemorative meeting of Youth Technical School Exchange Committee at the National Museum of Emerging Science and Innovation in February 2009. 114 themes were collected with the theme of “Learning from the technology and alarming the future” – Learning from the previous generation and telling the future generations.

Following the trajectory of the organization of young engineers as we celebrated a major milestone, we summarized the history as a “50th anniversary commemorative magazine” and distributed it to the 50th anniversary meeting and various related places. We decided to release it as a Web now.