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What is the Young Engineers Committee?

The Young Engineers Committee is a committee organization established within the Institution Professional Engineers of Japan(IPEJ) and consists of PE.JP under the age of 45, As.PE.JP, and E.T.Jp.

The predecessor of this committee is a  Young Engineers Committee discussion meeting with a history of 23 years and 46 years. The Young Young Engineers Committee Committee has set up young people under the age of 45 as a member of the IPEJ as members, regularly holding lectures, tours, etc. to revitalize interaction and interaction among members . It may be said that we have been doing activities with the history of the Institution Professional Engineers of Japan .

In order to materialize the policies and others indicated in “Professional Engineers Vision 21” at the beginning of the 21st century, activities are required to revitalize the external expertise of engineers. A young engineer squad who holds a long history and a technician under the age of 45 and technicians supplementary / training engineer as a member, under the policy committee (now reorganized as a training committee) youth It is set up as a professional exchanges executive committee and reaches the present name again in 2015 to the Young Engineers Committee.

Purpose of the activity

The Young Engineers Committee is aimed at the following activities.

1. Active involvement and cooperation as a young engineer’s master for the planning and planning of the management of the Society (IPEJ)
2. Planning and implementation of research projects focusing on young engineers
3. Activation of training activities by exchanges with young technicians group at each branch
4. Implementation of international exchange as a young engineer
(Rules on the administration of the committee Article 21, Attachment 2 Executive Committee Purpose of Establishment and Points of Issues)

The Young Engineers Committee will inherit the tradition from the Young Technical School Roundtable Meeting and promote exchanges among the membership with a free and open-minded feeling. I look forward to your active participation.


As of April 2018, it consists of 22 members of the general headquarters, 8 members of the Regional Headquarters, and 8 Assistant Committee members.


In addition to conducting activities in three groups of regular meeting groups, international groups, and publicity groups, we are preparing preparations by assigning events for each month. In addition, a student working group responsible for planning exchange events with university students has been established since 2016.

Activity content

We organize the Steering Committee once a month, prepare and report on planning content, and report on the activities of each group.
Regularly planning lectures and tours, we aim to exchange among members.
Every year in June we report on activities for one year at the Extended Committee.