About P.E.Jp


About  Professional Engineer, Japan (P.E. Jp)

“P.E. Jp” is the title given to the person who passed the national exam (The Professional “Second” Examination  for Professional Engineer) conducted based on Japanese law “Professional Engineer Act” and registered. By giving this title, Japan has certified that the person has advanced professional applied skills related to science and technology.

In this Act, the term “P.E. Jp” means a person who receives the registration under Article 32, paragraph 1 and uses the name of a professional engineer to designate a higher level of science and technology (excluding those pertaining only to humanities) Conduct planning, research, design, analysis, examination, evaluation, or guidance related to matters requiring expert application capability (excluding work in which the work is restricted in other laws) . (Article 2 of the Professional Engineer Act)

Engineers are obligated by technical law ethics, including obligation of confidentiality, and are engaged in various tasks such as consulting and legal appraisers.

Technical Disciplines

“PE.JP” has 21 Technical Disciplines.

1.Mechanical Engineering
2.Marine & Ocean
4.Electrical & Electronics Engineering
6.Fiber & Textiles
9.Civil Engineering
10.Water Supply & Sewerage
11.Environmental Engineering
15. Industrial Engineering
16.Information Engineering
17.Applied Science
18.Biotechnology & Bioengineering
20.Nuclear & Radiation
21. Engineering Management

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